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"Pramo" means "ferry" in Esperanto. PRAMOMOLECULAR develops ferry molecules - covalently linked transport systems for delivering nucleic acid based drugs (NABDs) to treat currently "undruggable" serious diseases.


Based on our proprietary delivery technology, we are developing "self-delivering siRNA", a highly innovative class of drugs that can efficiently silence disease-causing proteins, e.g. cancer proteins, in the lungs, heart and pancreas. With this, we want to offer patients with serious diseases such as non-small cell lung carcinoma or pancreatic carcinoma effective and well-tolerated therapeutics.

self-delivering siRNA agents (European patent application of platform technology 12/2020) can be developed in about half the time as well as for only 1.5% of the average cost of "small molecule drugs" up to and including phase I clinical trials. Our proprietary, covalent couple-able transport molecules not only make it possible to address organs that were previously "undruggable" for therapeutic oligonucleotides, but are also particularly easy to scale up, produce in a drug-compliant manner and store at 4oC. PRAMOMOLECULAR thus has considerable disruptive potential.

In addition, we will licence out the delivery technology on a non-exclusive basis to developers of therapeutic oligonucleotides who want to deliver their compounds into lung, heart or pancreatic cells for applications that are not the focus of PRAMOMOLECULAR.

Above all, however, we will build up our own drug pipeline of self-delivering siRNAs in order to treat diseases that were previously considered "undruggable", such as the most aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, for which the 5-year survival rate in Germany to date is only 9%. 

We can also do this as a start-up, as we work with best-of-class partners, have extensive experience also in the field of siRNA, design the active substances rationally (on the basis of Watson and Crick base pairing) and the upscaling and drug-compliant synthesis is carried out by our cooperation partner on existing infrastructure, so that the time-consuming and cost-intensive construction and certification of new GMP infrastructure is not necessary. 


Cooperation Offer

Are you developing Nucleic Acid Based Drugs / siRNAs?
Are you looking for an efficient delivery system to a specific organ or cell type (e.g. cancer cells)?
Do you want your delivery system to be easily GMP-compliant?

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